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Season One

The OG Clowns

The Clowns Started it all!! They are the backbone of the Carnival. Anyone is welcome to be a carnie but the OG clowns command respect! Minted during the 10k craze after relocating the Carnival to a new site. After 640 clowns minted a mysterious sickness started killing the clowns in the minter. 

The Protectas

Shortly after the mint closed, we also ran a special Collaboration mint with a project called Bokeh Vision where 19 clowns were available to mint. Whoever minted one was given the opportunity to design their own clowns from our back catalog of traits, including the option to make some customisations to create 19 1/1 clowns known as "The Protectas"


Floating Heads

Part of the Rug Pull Rehab program, this drop was custom made for the victims of the Utopianz rugpull and was airdropped to all of their wallets.

Season 2

Carnival Games -
Coconut Shy

Season 2 is meant to bring you the fun and games of the Carnival. The first game up is Coconut Shy. I fun mix of new traits with a pile of collab traits from some of our favourite projects on Cardano.
Mint a nut and win a Prize!!

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