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In The Beginning there was 7

ADA Clown

The true Original Clown Ada was based on our original Concept art for the project

AL Cardano

The Al Capone of the Clown world, A hard hitting true thug gangster clown

ZOSO Clown

Clotting blood and rotting flesh, a carnival wouldn't be a carnival without a zombie clown


Hemay be a simpleton but he's here to spread joy and happiness and and remind us of the things that truely matter.
Wanna Balloon?

The Souless Ginger clown. Watch your back around this one. 

Man, this Carnival really is inclusive



The craziest clown of the bunch.

This guy is truely off his rocker.

Where he goes, chaos follows.


She may have been an OG Team afterthought but this hard talkin', tough as nails, lady clown don't take no shit.

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